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World-Class Sales and Distribution Services

Ever since we started our operations in 1911, our expertise in sales and distribution has been our strongest pillar, driving our business impact to expand even further, locally and globally. We provide a one-stop-shop for FMCG companies, with a flexible and accessible menu-style service model, catering to all their different needs.
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Reach & Channels


Our robust business offering is supported by a strong and wide-spread service delivery network across Saudi Arabia, that covers major cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Khobar, Jubail, Qassim, and Medina, with an extended reach to more than +22 cities across the Kingdom. All supported by comprehensive nation-wide delivery channels that include over +13 warehouses, +420 delivery vans, +3000 stock keeping units, and +28,000 doors of coverage. Our channels include modern trade outlets, pharma, wholesalers, e-commerce, specialized channels, HORECA, and more.

Strategy and Brand Expansion


Our portfolio of services extends far beyond logistics and distribution. Backed by our deep-rooted presence and hands-on market expertise, our professionals will help in taking your brand to new heights. We start with a complete assessment of your brand current status and understanding your business requirements to set out an effective growth strategy, widen your expansion scopes, and extend your reach to cover all of Saudi Arabia.

Van Operations and Management


To support our strong, nation-wide delivery network, we have expanded our fleet and diversified our touch points. We use different kinds of trucks for different kinds of business segments, with varied sizes and capacities to suit the needs of our clients. And our fleet keeps expanding by the day to provide for the increasing demand of our clients across the Kingdom. We also apply effective fleet management techniques and use route optimization technology to keep our operations running seamlessly, on-time, and to the highest global standards.

Sales Force Automation


Across our extensive network of points of sale, we apply the latest technologies to automate our sales process to make it much more seamless, integrating our offering with our clients’ systems, and providing enhanced CRM solutions, in line with our marketing information systems. By employing innovative automation technologies, we take a big part of the admin work off our shoulders, so that we stay focused on what matters most: delivering top-notch services while keeping our clients’ best interest in mind.

Our A-Team


When we commit to provide you with a full suite of business solutions, we mean it. Your business will have access to a topnotch team with world-class business expertise and knowledge of international best practices and local regulations. Our team is distributed across KSA and well-governed with decentralized model of shared services for greater efficiency. This large pool of 3000+ individuals are highly trained with deep knowledge of the market and clients’ varied portfolios. So rest assured, no matter what your business needs, our A-Team has got you covered.

Other Supporting Services

Our all-in-one portfolio of services ensures your business gets exactly what it needs, in exactly the right way. We design our services based on your industry, company, scale, operations and objectives. This means, you will get a service package that matches your business requirements and aspirations, including both holistic solutions as well as stand-alone services. Consider it as a one-stop-shop, with a flexible and accessible menu-style service model.



Through an effective collaboration with (Tarweej), another Mohammed Yousuf Naghi Group company, with its presence in all major cities of Saudi Arabia, and more than +1900 resources, we offer reliable merchandising services with a diverse range of value-added and efficient in-store solutions including but not limited to a professional presentation of your products to effective promotion.



Our logistic service is a strong pillar in our business offering. We create detailed strategies for organizing and implementing complex operations, including obtaining, warehousing, and distributing products efficiently to end users and final destinations. And that’s all done in collaboration with our pioneering sister company (Mosanada), that’s distinguished by its nation-wide delivery network and fully modernized facilities and fleets.


Brand Activation

We take the full responsibility to activate your brand and spark its potential. With the support of our sister company (Tarweej), we will help you generate brand awareness and develop a strong brand loyalty with your target audience. Our brand activation offerings cover a multitude of offline brand activities that include road shows, sampling, product demonstration, door to door activities, leaflets distribution, and mystery shopping.


Market Intelligence

Make your effective and business decisions based on strong market analysis and insights. With our tech-powerd solutions, you will be able to: leverage your marketing efforts to drive more focused growth to your business. Offered through joint collaboration with (Tarweej), our market intelligence services extends to cover in-store audit, category analysis, on-shelf availability, share of shelf, share of assets, price surveys, and competition analysis.


Asset Management

The more your business grows and your offering expands, the more you will need a well-planned and strategic asset management solutions. In collaboration with our sister company (Tarweej), we provide you with a systematic approach to the governance of your brand assets, and we ensure the best processes and technologies are in place to provide high-quality asset management solutions that include warehousing, installation, repairs, preventive maintenance, refurbishment and asset tracking reports.


Partner With Us

When you become our partner, you will benefit from tailor-made solutions that suit your business needs, including a wide range of services, channels, and resources.
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